Kintsugi es un método tradicional de restauración en Japón. Se utiliza Urushi (resina) y los materiales naturales, por lo tanto, la pieza restaurada es bastante amigable para el cuerpo y se puede volver a usar la pieza restaurada para comer, tomar café, etc. Después de restaurar se decora con el oro, plata o con colores para disfrutar su belleza de la cicatriz.


Kintsugi is a Japanese traditional method of repair. Urushi resin and all the used materials for this repair are natural product, so once your broken piece is repaired with this method, you will be able to use it again to serve food, tea etc. Usually the repaired part is covered with gold, silver or colour to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of scar.

One day traditional Kintsugi Experience in Kanazawa

Kintsugi is a sustainable repairing method for ceramics, woods and glasses, which allows you to reuse the broken piece after the repair as all the materials I use are natural and safe for body. Once it is repaired, it lasts decades.

Usually it takes at least 1 month to repair a piece, due to the drying process of natural materials that we use for this repair, but in this experience you will see whole the procedure of Kintsugi in 2 hours step by step by practicing with pieces belong to the studio.  

You will learn:
- What Kintsugi is, its history
- Which materials are used
- Preparation and application of Glue
- Preparation and application of Paste
- Sanding
- Waterproof coverage
- Decoration with gold: You will practice the gold decoration part on a little souvenir and take it home


Everyday 10:00-12:00 or 13:30-15:30 (max.2 or 3 people per session, please ask for availability)

Fee JPY7,500 (we only accept cash)

Please note that you won't be able to bring and repair your own piece. Please bring a long sleeve shirt and trousers which you have no problem with dirt. 

This demonstration will help you to deepen the knowledge of not only Japanese repairing method but also our idea of finding beauty in broken, repair and reuse pieces. This is such a sustainable way to live.

(this is my personal opinion: Kintsugi really helps you to find a peaceful place inside you during the work)

Come and visit my studio to enjoy this Japanese traditional Kintsugi! (5-10mins walk from Kanzawa sta.)


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